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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  August 20, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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fishing at a baltimore park. >> the suspect is in custody and how police tracked them down. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm sally thorner. here's what people are talking about. the crime has sparked outrage from city leaders and residents alike. police say a man was savagely attacked because of the color of his skin. now, police have all three suspects in custody. derek valcourt is live in central booking with more on the arrest. derek? >> reporter: kai, late last night, police say they were able to track down two teenagers who helped commit is this crime against a 76-year- old man. >> reporter: 17-year-old zachary watson and 16-year-old immanuel miller, both arrested separately at their homes last night. police say they were accomplices to calvin leitner. >> there's a couple of different accounts as to who did what. even as sutlezy -- subtly as who drove the vehicle when it crashed or who was operating the vehicle when it crashed.
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i think the versions are, -- it depends on who you talk to. >> the group attacked 73-year- old fisherman james pravat. >> he said the boys came from behind and was banging on -- knocked him on the ground, kicked him, took his keys and sped off with his truck. >> reporter: police were able to use a tracking device to track pravat's truck. and found kevin lockner. he told police this wouldn't have happened if he was a white man. the three suspects are from curtis bay, where neighbors are disappointed. >> i am terribly surprised this. is the community we live in. and we don't seem to have any problems like that around here. >> reporter: police say they got a lot of tips in the community.
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meanwhile, all three suspects, all three suspects, they say, long list of criminal charges, including attempted murder and carjacking. back to you. >> all right, derek, thank you. meanwhile, lockner himself, has been incarcerated for most of this decade. hazmat scare. dangerously high levels of gas. vic is live in the newsroom with more on what happened. vic? >> gas meters showed about 300 parts per million. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene on yellow brick road shortly after noon today. 10 were taken to franklin square hospital, with mild to moderate poisoning systems. the levels dropped back down to below normal. firefighters say the carbon monoxide is from three propane forklifts used in the building. >> co levels as high as those today, cause headaches, nausea,
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dizziness and can cause death after exposure. a candle has sparked a two- alarm fire. the fire broke out around 10:20 last night, around spice wood court in essex. the fire department said it took about an hour to bring the flames under control. several other apartments also lost power, forcing people to find shelter. in all, 30 people were displaced. but no one was injured. hurricane bill weakens a bit in the atlantic. but it's still a very dangerous storm. here's a look at the photo from the national oceanic and atmospheric satellite. it can cause dangerous rip tides along the east coast. meteorologist tim williams joinses -- joins us now. >> reporter: hello, kai. good afternoon, everyone. we're looking at an enhanced photo, enhanced picture of satellite bill. these are the more intense bans around this.
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it extends 260 miles from the center of that. but hurricane forced winds extend about 105 miles from the center of the storm. and bill is moving now to the north/northwest. we're taking a look at this storm. and as it sits now, it is a category 3. and this storm now is moving to the northwest, just around 18 miles per hour. and it is expected to make just a wide swing and right turn, right along the maryland coastline, right on the eastern shore. what that's going to mean for us as we move into saturday and sunday, rip currents, tides and swells. saturday into sunday, 7- to 15- foot waves and swells. pretty much from the carolina borders all the way up into new england. and this storm is going to be moving on through. we'll continue to keep you posted. the latest information comes out at 5:00. >> tim, thank you. stay with eyewitness news for instant updates on hurricane bill in all of the season storms.
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log on for the latest storm track in our special hurricane section. 189 americans died when paris blew pan am flight out of the sky. today, the only man found guilty in the attack is free. haryhari sreenivasan reports, he was released from prison so he can die from prostate cancer at home, in libya. >> reporter: they escorted him onto eye plane bound for libya. the only man found guilty in the attack is now a free man. >> our justice system demands that judgment be imposed, but compassion be available. >> reporter: they released him because the libyan is dying from terminal prostate cancer. after being on the run for a decade, mcgrahe served only eight years of a life sentence.
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230 people, mostly americans, died in the bombing. the flight exploded over lockerbie, scotland. the white house says the united states deeply regrets the decision. and many victims' relatives are upset over this decision. >> we just released a man who did a 230-people massacre. and 20 years later, this is the last sad chapt are -- chapter in this. >> reporter: but scottish officials says it is bound to show mercy. >> no compassion was shown by him. but that alone, is not enough reason for us to deny compassion to him. >> reporter: he said mcgrahe may die sooner or live longer, but it will happen in his home country. >> president obama also says mcgrahe should be placed under house arrest. and the u.s. thinks it was a
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mistake to free him on grounds of compassion. an explosion in hagerstown. deputies need fire marshals to help whoever is responsible for placing detonated improvised device. the truck's owner, marc anthony teal, and four others are wanted in connection with the incident. anyone should call the maryland arson hotline. mayor sheila dixon's attorney say the prosecutor's office is withholding evidence in the city hall probe. they've filed a motion in city circuit court, saying they have not handed over information about subpoenas issued after the original grand jury indictment. mayor dixon faces perjury and charges in the next month. outside, it's warm and yes, humid, with a chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms. eyewitness news has weather and traffic together. bob turk is here with the
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updated numbers from first warning weather. hi, bob. [ inaudible ] >> we'll check on the roads now with sharon gibala, at wjz traffic control. >> hi, kai. good afternoon, everyone. so far, everything isn't too bad this afternoon. the worst problem is going to be in halfstead. that's where we're going to have a serious accident. that wreck is blocking all lanes of maine street. apparently there is a chopper landing there. your alternate is going to be west street. meanwhile, in hanover, watch for that wreck. as far as drive times and delays, there is a slight one on the top side of the beltway. slowest spot is going to be 39 miles per hour on the west side of the beltway. 16-minute drive time. there's a live look at the west side. on the inner loop, you're looking at a six-minute delay, between wilkins and security boulevard. there's a look at the top side.
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stop and go, from green spring, that will take you about five minutes to get through. then you're looking at a second stop-and-go delay between york and delaney valley. if you've suffered a personal injury, call the cochran firm, 1-800-the firm. or visit the cochran for a free consultation. there are some garden variety thundershowers around the region. nothing very organized. right now, light stuff around jarrettsville over toward cockeysville. not much. we just moved through quickly. another batch, north of walkersville. and a little stronger activity out there. and more out across the mountains in martinsburg, south of hagerstown. around the baltimore region now, light stuff. some folks see some showers now. pretty good showers. just popping up to west of westminster. this is moving off to the east/northeast. you folks around west mib disper -- westminster and you
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folks west of westminster and taneytown. other spots may pick up a quarter to a half inch of rain. more rain could be coming tonight. >> thanks, bob. a new york car teerl's -- dealer's group announced that about half of its members were withdrawing from the cash 4 clunkers program. >> we'll be announcing very soon the wiepped down aspect -- wind-down aspect of this. >> reporter: that came as auto dealers struggled with the cash crunch, brought on by the program. the dealership has sold 103 cars under the program. so far, he's only been reimbursed for one. it amounts to, you know, close to a half a million dollars that's outstanding right now. >> reporter: it's the same for some 200 dealerships in new york. the problem is so bad, some dealers say they can no longer offer the program. ray hood promises dealers will get their money. >> they are going to get their
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money. we have the money to provide to them. >> reporter: consumers get up to a $4500 discount when they trade in their clunkers for a more fuel-efficient model. that is paid back to the dealership by the government. and so far, the program has been seen as a big success. gm says it is increasing production by 60,000 vehicles this year. the company also plans to reinstate more than 1300 jobs. ford, toyota, honda and chrysler, have also increased production. but for dealers, all of the extra sales mean little until the government pays up. >> the federal government has asked the dealer on blind faith to don't worry about it, the check is in the mail. >> just seconds ago, the associated press reported that the cash for clunkers program will end this coming monday. still ahead. world class runner. the gender controversy a south african teen is facing and the speculation that she is not
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really female. asking for a change in state law. we'll explain why. a major car recall, affecting several popular 2009 and 2010 models. don't miss consumer watch. more storms don't. don't miss the forecast when we come back.
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a massachusetts man accused of selling pot out of his home, says some family members helped him in his criminal activities. the 20-year-old says his stepfather helped him build a room to grow the marijuana, in exchange for some of the profits. his mother found out and forced him to burn some of the plants before she called police. no word on whether his parents will face charges. nfl star plaxico burress will spend two years in prison after pleading guilty to weapons charges. the one-time super bowl star
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accidentally shot himself in the leg. he plead guilty to a lesser charge and agreed to this in order to avoid 3 1/2 years in prison. ted kennedy wants to allow a quick appointment of his successor. he made the request in a letter to the massachusetts governor. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy may be ailing, but in a poiniant letter to the -- poignant letter to the massachusetts governor he continues to fight for change. while suffering from terminal cancer, he is asking governor duval patrick to change state law so his replacement can be named quickly. kennedy writes, it is vital to have two voices and vo2 votes in the senate during the approximate five months between a vacant seat and election. >> reporter: the senior senator is concerned if his seat is
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vacant for months, it could hurt president obama's plan for healthcare. there has been speculation his wife will take the seat. but many say that she is not interested. aides insist, there is no change in his condition since being diagnosed with the malignant brain tumor more than a year ago. still, the 77-year-old has rarely been seen recently. he was not at last week's funeral for his sister eunice, or on hand in washington to receive the highest award given to a civilian. president obama presented it to his daughter cara. as he remains at the battle, health reform is on the top of his agenda. >> kennedy has long been in favor of health care reform. more mixed signals on the overall strength of the
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economy. but that doesn't seem to be slowing wall street down this week. another positive day for all of the markets. third day in a row. here's a look at closing numbers. dow is up. s&p up 11 points. and the nasdaq up 20 points. let's go right to new york. alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. millions of american homeowners are still in crisis. the mortgage bankers association reports that more than 13% are either behind on their loan payments or in foreclosure. that's a record high, blamed on continuing job losses. in fact, more than half a million americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week. the weakness in the housing market means less activity in home improvement, which is hurting sears. the company did worse than expected in the last quarter with a loss of more than $94 million. but there is good news for the millions of americans who pay with plastic. the first part of the new credit card law kicks in today. among the changes, credit card companies must give customers
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at least 21 days between the time a statement is sent out and the payment is due. under the old rule, it was 14 days. and winding down the cash 4 clunkers incentive. dealers expect the program to run out of money by september. but some have already stopped using the program. general motors has advised it will offer cash advances to its dealers so they can continue. for more business news, head to cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. in today's consumer watch report, volkswagens are recalling more than 13,000 vehicles due to problems with the transmission. the company says certain models of their 2009 jetta, jetta sport wagon, gti and eos have faulty temperature transmission on their vehicles, which could lead to a warning light on the dashboard. so far, no accidents or
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injuries have been reported. for more information, visit and click on the recalls page. and coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. bassinet safety. government officials warn about the safety of a popular bassinet. this is 9-year-old sophia latrenton. she is helping to save the horses down here. her story when eyewitness news continues. a string of warm, humid weather continues. get your updated first warning forecast. for the top stories on, for -- for instant updates all the time, click
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all right. another hot day, tim. >> and a few, really widely scattered showers around. take a look at live doppler radar. really to the north of the metro area. and off to the northwest, i should say. there are some showers moving through. moving into westminster, that region from martins burg, into
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the panhamming. again, very widely scattered showers. these are showers we have been seeing, area wide. some of us seeing them. some of us not. but again, it's pretty much the pattern we see over the next few days, right on through until saturday morning. midday saturday or so. before we start to see improvement. 93 degrees, our temperature. the dew point, 74, which is very high. and you do feel it when you go out there. relative humidity. 58. but it's the dew point over about 55 or so that feels very warm. and you have a heat index close to about 100 degrees. wind south to southeast at 21 miles per hour. around the state, temperatures ranging from 79 in oakland to 91 in cumberland and hagerstown. 91 on the shore. when you have temperatures that are ranging pretty close to 91 in the mountains and on the beach, you know that area wide, we are really just dealing with
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a really steamy august type day. 88 in westminster. and 93 down in the nation's capital. winds coming from the south have been contributing to this farm flow. but even with a breeze in the double digit, it's really blowing hot air around. 32 of no relief. we do see thursday widely scattered, pop-up showers around. not too much to the east or to the south. but a few little pockets over to the west. and this is all part of a leading edge of a system that will be moving through here until about saturday afternoon. dryer, cooler air on the back edge of this. until then, hot air in place. and little books will be with us through the heat of the day. it is this front that is bringing us this opportunity for sures this afternoon that will be our friend when we move through the latter portion of the peek. and -- week. and that is because it will keep this storm away.
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bill, expected potentially to strengthen, as it starts to make a turn saturday into sunday, right on into the eastern sea board. this say category 3 storm that will bring us rip currents and hefty swells down on the beach. so we'll keep you posted. but that storm is going to be moving through by the weekend. and that storm is a monster. we'll keep you posted on its progress. sunset today, 7:54. small craft advisory goes into effect tomorrow. forecast looks like this. well, that's bill. bill is going to be moving around. we'll talk about that in just a little while. let's talk ocean city. 84 on sunday. water temperature in the 78- degree range. and again, just really be forewarned. the water is going to be pretty rough this weekend. have to be aware of rip currents, rip kids. >> pay attention to lifeguards. thanks. maggie rodriguez has what is coming up tonight.
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the biggest overhaul of the credit cards in decades takes place today. credit card companies are already trying to find now ways to make money. we'll show you how, tonight only on the cbs evening news. evidence hearing. the family of a florida couple killed inside their home, makes an unusual request of the court. in a tight spot. a window washer is stranded. it would threat. will voters be too squared --
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it is 4:30. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. afghanistan's second-ever presidential election is over. and the white house is keeping
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a close eye on it. it would scared many voters into staying at home. election workers are counting the millions of ballots. at polling places, security was heavy. but that doesn't stop the taliban. rocket bombings shot down some voting sites. >> to organize the election in such a situation is a tremendous challenge. militants vowed to disrupt the election process. and they appeared to have succeeded. turnout was low. karzai's top challenger, former administer abdullah abdullah has most of his supporters in the north, where it turns out that the turnout was stronger. hopefully this will lead to a change. >> reporter: the election was a
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test for the obama administration's new strategy in afghanistan. the president sent in more troops to beat back the taliban. but u.s. combat casualties are on the rise. >> reporter: on election day, american troops helped deliver presidential ballots. security was left in the hands of afghan forces. >> more than anything, it is part of international pride. they are on government, providing security for their own elections. >> reporter: with piles of paper ballots to count, initial election results aren't expected until saturday. the winner must get at least 51% of the vote. if not, a runoff election is needed and this process starts all over again. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house says despite the spotty election turnout, the u.s. will continue to go forward with the aggressive goal into feeding al qaeda and its allies. an extensive camera system. now, there's an effort to keep the images private. sally is live in the newsroom
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with details. >> reporter: the family of burt and melanie billings wants to stop the release of the surveillance video for the public. an attorney for the family says he's concerned about the imagencies of the young children and the bloody crime scene. the billings were killed on july 9th, during a home invasion, while nine of their adopted children were present. >> police are also looking into a car dealer who worked with burtdz billing-- burt billing as a person of interest. a man who set fire to two young maryland girls agrees to plead guilt to charges. 31-year-old clarence myers started the fire at his girlfriend's home in hopes of receiving charity. his girlfriend's two young children died in the fire. >> there is a safety reminder for parents tonight, after two more babies are trapped and killed by faulty bassinets.
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kai is live in the newsroom now. >> reporter: the babies got trapped and then suffocated in simplicity close sleeper bassinets. the product was recalled, but then a 6-month-old died after their parents continued to use the bassinet. the government is urging parents to pay close attention to recalls. all manufactured before may of 2008 are affected, including some sold under the graco-name brand. >> they can be returned to the stores where they were purchased. a window washer is recovering after he spent time dangling from a collapsed scaffolding in washington, d.c. fire officials say he was working about nine stories up when one end of the scaffolding became loose. the man dangled by his harness for hours before they were able
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to rescue him. several are recovering from possible tornado strikes. dave price reports for wjz with details. >> reporter: cell phone video caught this tornado near st. paul, minnesota yesterday. the twister uprooted trees and tore down power lines, leaving more than 2,000 customers without electricity. it was part of a violent storm system that struck at least six states. at least six tornadoes were spotted. in williamsville, illinois, near springfield, high winds and heavy rain, reduced some homes and buildings to rubble. in stanley, iowa, north of cedar rapids, powerful winds left a path of destruction that took down a grain silo. >> it was loud and crazy. the wind was ablowing. and sheet metal from the roofs were flying. and the roofs went off the house. and then it was over with. >> and in northwest indiana, an appearance tornado touched down.
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trees came tumbling down on top of homes. >> we have a very different picture here in maryland. take a look outside. partly sunny skies across baltimore. but we could be in for some storms of our own this evening. bob is here first with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> we're getting a couple of thundershowers popping up. these are more of the garden variety popping up. as you can see, the activity is moving southwest to northeast. a couple of storms moving. in northern portions of the carroll county. that's moving over toward hanover and glen rock. another to the west of the taneytown area. and a few more have popped up also west of that region. along the mountain regions, along frederick county, we saw some earlier. to the west of middletown, south of hagerstown. some activity out there. so some spots will see some showers this evening. some will remain very, very dry. looks like a pretty general area of thunderstorms with heavy downpours like likely
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here tomorrow night and again on saturday. maybe even a couple of inches of rain possible tomorrow night and saturday. let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala. >> good afternoon, everyone. we've picked up an accident. this latest one is going to be on 50, right on 97. that's in the eastbound lanes, approaching 97. blocking the lane. you'll find stop-and-go traffic. another accident in hanover county. a bunch more in the city. east preston at north lakewood. east northern parkway. north calvert at east 24th. and west mount royal. 95 northbound, jammed from eastern avenue to the beltway. that's about an eight-minute ride, with an average speed of 34 miles per hour. there's a look at the top and west sides of your beltway. the slowest spots on the outer loop. 17 minutes there. there's a live look at the west
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side. there's a look at baltimore national pike. outer loop at the top side. jammed from green spring to falls. then again from york to harford. traffic is brought to you by pennsylvania dutch and convention bureau. go to lancaster to plan. a tight budget is threatening the historic baltimore city police horse patrol. needs $150,000 to stay open. at the crack of dawn, mike schuh met with the commissioner to give an exclusive look at how a 9-year-old girl stepped up to help. >> reporter: this is the morning third grader sophia lafrienda will always -- latributa will -- latrenta will always remember. but what's what she's done that will always be remembered. look at this. a lemonade stand. >> a month ago, she had an article that said the mounted police were having difficulty with their money and their
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budget. >> reporter: with guests of honor at attention, she takes in over $2,000 in just two hours. >> you have an awesome daughter. >> reporter: an awesome daughter, invited to the stables to be on the morning edition. >> live here on eyewitness news, the person on behalf of the police department, the commissioner has joined us, for a check presentation in the amount of $2,000. all of that money will go directly to the care and feeding of the horses. sophia, it is time for you to present the check. >> thank you very much, sophia. thank you very much for what you've done for our horses. thank you. and you can come back and visit our horses and feed them and hang out with them any time. >> reporter: so that's exactly what she does. look at that smile. lemonade from lemons. with $100,000 to go, had is a -- this is a scene the commissioner would like to see repeated. >> how does this feel?
4:40 pm
>> cool. >> it's a win-win for everybody. it's a win for getting the word out there and a great life lesson for her that no matter how small your ideas may be, you never know what you can achieve. >> reporter: sophia's parents say they will know to -- continue to collect money. they have a website address. you can find their wibs address -- website address at our website. woo mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. now back to you on tv hill. >> sophia's mom says she will continue to collect and turn over all the donations to police. a world-classed runner is forced to prove she is a woman after breaking a record. no joking matter. new details on the conversation an air traffic controller was having during a midair collision in new york. and still warm and humid outside. bob is updating your complete first warning forecast.
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the mystery deepens. surrounding a russian cargo and its crew, and suspected highjackers that were taken into custody. russian investigators. the hijackers reported a ransom of $1.45 million. before they were captured. french investigators have abandoned their boxes. it crashed june 1st into the atlantic ocean. the aircraft was en route. only scattered debris was found and the cause may never be known. a linked transcript suggests an air traffic controller was distracted before a crash. >> reporter: the transcript shows the air traffic controller was joking on the
4:45 pm
phone about barbecuing a cat at the time of that deadly crash. nine people died when the airplane collided. minutes before, the controller cleared the single-engine plane for takeoff, then started to chat with a colleague on the phone. they continued to make jokes. and seconds before the crash, the controller uttered a swear word and hung up the phone. >> federal aviation officials say there is no reason to believe that the controller contributed to the accident but call his conduct unacceptable. several have been awarded. the women filed a complaint in 2007, saying there was little space to change and no women's bathroom in their station. a judge ruled they suffered mental anguish. each woman wassa award -- was awarded $5,000. the big question is whether the runners should be in the
4:46 pm
men's or the women's race. >> reporter: there's no doubt who won the women's 800-meter race at the world track and field championships currently being held in berlin. what is in doubt is whether south african runner castor semenya should be running in the women's race or men's. she runs like a man, talks like a man, is she a man? >> with that comes rumors that you are born a man. what do you have to say about stuff like that. >> i have no idea. i don't know who said it. and i don't know. i don't care about it. >> reporter: but international sports officials do care. semenya was a virtual unknown in south africa, until her times began to improve dramatically lately. a gender test has been ordered, officials say, not because
4:47 pm
semenya is suspected of cheating by having a sex operation. but to determine, what is being called a medical condition. >> reporter: a gender test, as it turns out is more complicated than you might think. it involves not just a physical examination, but the use of psychologists and the study of internal gland function. and that can all take weeks. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> and as he mentioned, the gender test could take a number of weeks. a federal judge has set a trial date to a challenge for california's ban on same-sex marriage. the vote overruled a previous court ruling which had allowed for same-sex marriages throughout the state. two unmarried same-sex couples are the plaintiffs in the case. a bodyguard for pop star beyonce clashed with the
4:48 pm
paparazzi saturday. her bodyguard went through great lengths to keep the cameramen at bay. the cameraman threw his stand at the bodyguard, who then went after the cameraman. beyonce was unharmed in the incident. coming up on entertainment tonight. art imitates life for actress meisha barton, who is bravely taking on a new tv show. >> reporter: on the beautiful life, she's a troubled supermodel, popping pills, trying to make a comeback. after her own hospitalization spawned headlines last month, there were rumors that she would be dropped from the cast. but the producer ashton kutcher stood by her and so have her costars. >> she is here to work. >> i think it's surprising to see how great she is doing. >> reporter: also tonight, e.t. sits down with the surprise witness in the michael jackson
4:49 pm
death investigation. plus, more from the john lennon lost tapes. and melissa jo -- joan hart on her play date. a texas stylist is proving when times get tough, you survive by getting creative. the woman is putting one simple black dress to the test. she said she will wear the same thing for an entire month. she plans to mix and match with accessories. she encourages money-conscious people to be fashionable without being broke. and by the way, she has two of the same dresses so she can wash one while she's wearing the other. >> that's a lot of shoes and a lot of accessories. given that video we just saw. still to come. feels tropical outside. >> bob turk has your first
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can you say typical summer afternoon? >> yes, it is. actually, more like tonight and august 20th. but what are you going to do? >> you have garden variety
4:53 pm
thundershowers around. nothing on the bay. those folks down on the water for the time being are safe. take a look at radar. we have a couple of thundershowers. moving to the northeast quickly. if you're under one of these, maybe a quick downpour. maybe rumbles of thunder. this is really the typical afternoon thundershowers. nothing severe. and the coverage is limited right now. not a whole lot going around. that is expected to change by tomorrow and tomorrow night. take a look at temperatures. it's a pretty hot afternoon. 90. the dew point about as high as you have seen it. 74. humidity, 58%. barometer, falling a little south/southeast, winds at 9 miles per hour. temperatures most places did get into the upper 80s. ocean city, 91. 93 in washington. pretty murky down there with the dew point in the low 70s. really humid stuff. around the local region. upper 80s to around 90. a couple of spots where some showers have dropped back into the upper and mid-70s. winds generally out of the
4:54 pm
south and southeast, keeping us on the moist today. lots of clouds around this evening. probably hoping to keep this convection down. but we see should have this activity to the north and northwest of us. we still have a chance later tonight. maybe scattered showers. now, this is a serious cold front. look at that thing. showers and storms in minnesota. that's why we have severe weather up to the great lakes. down to the south, look at these showers and storms popping up. this is generally moving in our direction. and tomorrow night, as that front out west begins to approach us, good chance tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow nice. even into saturday. showersshowers and thundershowers could be heavy downpours. and the way in is flowing, we could see one storm after another. some spots could see two to three inches of rain. maybe see some flash flooding. a quick look at bill coming in a minute ago. the latest spot has it.
4:55 pm
a lot of rough surf. yes, we talked about that. then it heads off to the east and northeast. probably by the time it gets up to newfoundland, nova skosha, the water is very cold up there. bad news is, it's still out there. going to be a lot of rough surf. for us, humid weather continues through saturday. then the front slowly moves off. it's this front which will keep bill away from us and push it out to the east/northeast of that region. it may brush eastern new england. as you can see, a small craft advisory out there through friday. for our region tonight. scattered showers and thundershowers. otherwise, it's kind of muggy. 74 tonight. tomorrow, back up with sun and clouds. heavy, showers and storms. 90, then back to 70s for showers tomorrow night. >> okay. thank you very much, bob. and still to come on eyewitness news tonight. dozens of workers evacuated after they're poisoned with
4:56 pm
carbon monoxide. some even hospitalized.
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coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. outrage. new details on the suspect's backgrounds. hazmat scare. several people sickened when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide flow through. a man released after a bombing that killed scores of americans is set free. why? check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> ulation at 5:00 starts now.
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behind bars. all three suspects accused of a hate-related beating in custody. >> tonight, new details on the crime, and reaction from people who know the victim. >> hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. and i'm sally thorner. here's what people are talking about. >> motivated by hate. days after an elderly african american man is brutally beaten by a white suspect, police have all three suspects in custody. >> reporter: kai, this was not much of a fight. this was one unarmed, elderly man, who was jumped, police say by three young men in their primes, one of them armed with a baseball bat. >> reporter: these are the faces of the three men at the center of the investigation into one of the biggest hate crime attacks baltimore has seen in recent years. all three now accused in the brutal bea


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